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Stars in their eyes

During a family weekend to London over the Christmas holidays, we brought our kids to the famous Hamleys Toys Store in Regent Street.

No sooner had we walked through the front door than I saw my children's eyes sparkle. There was a spectacle in every corner with demonstrations of all kinds, drone shows, make-up displays, light shows, ... My wife and I became children again, wanting to stop at all the shelves, overcome with emotion!

I think it was that day that the design for the digital ROADBOOK home page subconsciously formed in my mind, with its square-style layout, each containing a different reporting theme. Photos, videos, editorials and portfolios; the entire content on one level.

When the agency that helped me carry out this wonderful work inserted the images and videos into the squares corresponding to each theme, I was once again a little child who wanted to discover the entire content hidden behind each square all at once. Our objective with Roadbook’s digital platform is to succeed in transposing the fundamental core of Roadbook’s paper version: to transport people to a world of dreams, on a journey punctuated by exceptional photographs in a world filled with passion and emotion.

Enjoy being whisked away to another world.

Patrick Bika, founder of Roadbook

To hold on to the emotion,
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